About Us

Hello new hooman friend! My name is Quinn - but some people call me The Broadway Pup.

  When my mom rescued me from a shelter in Long Island, New York, she put a bandana on me - and I've loved wearing them every day since. Oh! Also! My mom is a Broadway Star! Her name is Arielle Jacobs and we are best friends and partners. When she brought me to my new forever home, she was also playing Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway! So, since it's my job to protect her, I got to hang out with her backstage every night!

Arielle Jacobs as Jasmine, backstage with Quinn the Broadway Pup

And I felt like I'd found another home. I loved dressing up in costumes, especially my famous bandanas, and making people smile. She inspired me to Dream Big. So, I want to be just like her and star in all of the Broadway shows, while helping other Broadway Pups just like me dress up, make people smile, and protect them while we're at it.

You can help me achieve my dream of playing lots of fun Broadway characters, while protecting Broadway Pups like me, by purchasing a bandana from my collection. When you buy a bandana, you’re supporting my dream, because it’s just like you’re getting a ticket to see me in that show. If you look closely, you’ll even see ME showcased in some of the designs, in costume and everything! And there's always something written on them to make you smile.Quinn the Broadway Pup & Arielle Jacobs 

  But, my favorite part may be that, with each bandana purchased, you help me to protect your Broadway Pup and so many others.

  See, sometimes it's dark outside when we it's time for our walks, and drivers might not see us because we're low to the ground. That's why I designed The Broadway Pup bandanas to be double-sided, with the second side having a special ultra-reflective logo design! That way, any headlights that shine on a Broadway Pup will light up the logo, helping nighttime drivers notice that your Pup is there.

  But that's not all! I got adopted by my mommy and am very happy in my family - but a lot of amazing pups never get that chance. I believe that every pup deserves a chance to shine! 

  That's why 100% of profits from each Broadway Pup bandana sold will directly help support animal shelters and charities around the country doing such amazing work for big hearted shelter pups like me.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.

- Quinn, The Broadway Pup